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If you have filed for bankruptcy and are receiving unwanted calls from creditors :
• Know that providing your cell phone number on a credit application is considered giving the creditor permission to contact you. Revoke consent by sending a letter, ask to be placed on their DO NOT CALL list. Keep a copy of the letter.
• If you rescind permission and the creditors continue to call, save all voice mail as evidence of noncompliance.
• Keep track of any unwanted calls. Note the time and date they are received, the phone number, the duration, and any information the caller gives you. Include anything about the call or recorded message such as dead air segments, delays or clicks that occur before an agent comes on the line. Names of Agent, name of the organization calling, etc.
Penalties can range from $500-$1,500 per call. If a creditor is using an auto-dialer, these fines can pile up. If it is proven that a caller is willfully violating the TCPA, by repeatedly calling without your permission or after you ask them to stop, then it is $1,500 per call.


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