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Best price in town! $795 for a Chapter 7! Carol Lawson gave us great customer service and was available on evenings and weekends. I recommended her to all my friends! Chaya & Malcom

Love this Attorney! Ethan

AVVO Reviews

Trustworthy Bankruptcy Attorney
Carol is one of the best attorney I have ever used. She handled my case with professionalism and everything was smooth and by the book. We would definitely recommend her and as a matter of fact we have recommended over 20 people to her and they are all satisfied.

Excellent Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney
Fast service, and attorney answers her own phone! Weekends and evening appointments were not a problem!

Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney
Carol was wonderful to work with. Our first round table meeting was wonderful. She allowed us to dialog about our previous research, our situation and our basic expectations.
She then guided us in a warm and informal way through the process, our case specifics, and what to expect as the best-worst cases at each step during the process. Her level of experience and calm but passionate demeanor was wonderful.
She really held our hands through the process and gave us the necessary feedback and guidance about the courtroom process. She diligently worked with my husband and I to get together all the necessary documents to handle the case right the first time.
We would, and have, recommended this firm, and Carol in particular, to anyone whether friend or family.