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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Overview

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Overview

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Will:

  • Provide Automatic Court Protection From Creditors
  • Stop Harassing Calls and Letters
  • Stop Lawsuits and Garnishments
  • Give You a Permanent Discharge of Most Debts in a Few Months
  • Let You Keep Your Car and House as long as you continue to pay

Who Should Consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

  • You qualify under the Means Test
  • You Have minimal assets or equity in assets- If you own your home you get $1,000.00 of personal property if you are a renter you get $4,000 worth of personal property- Either way your get $1,000 worth of equity in a motor vehicle
  • You Have Trouble Making Monthly Payments on Necessities and Basic Expenses
  • You are Current on House and Car Payments (If Applicable)

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